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Life in the trenches.  That term may be a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s how it felt, at least during the 3 a.m. feeding sessions and going on eight straight days without a solid night’s sleep.  We did it all, and we did it together: Deb breastfed Ellie, then I (Kerry) took over and supplemented Ellie while Deb pumped.  That was the routine.  Every three hours.  We were bleary-eyed and weary, but we loved it.  Well most of it . . . not the 3 a.m. part.

We eventually got the hang of things, started sleeping more, and things got easier.  One thing that never got easier, though, was keeping track of how fresh the pumped breast milk was.  It seemed that even the most mundane tasks, which under normal circumstances are really no big deal, became chores of epic proportions when completely sleep deprived. 


For pumped breast milk going straight to the freezer, it was a no-brainer.  We stored the milk in single-use bags, wrote the date on the bag with a marker, and put it in the freezer.  But what about milk stored in the fridge?  What about milk stored on the counter for a few hours?


We all know it’s best to pump and store milk in the same container used to feed, so disposable bags really weren't the way to go.  So what were our options?  We tried sticky notes, but those tended to fall off, or smudge, or both.  Masking tape and a marker?  We tried that too.  It worked, but it was a pain, especially after that 3 a.m. pumping session when, inevitably, either the tape or the pen had gone missing.  Grease pencils?  Yup, tried those too, but quite honestly, we were never totally sure we got all the gunk off the bottle – it just felt messy.    We wished there was something we could just hang from the bottle, set the date and time, and be done with it.  So we made one, and the MilkCharm was born.


Based in San Rafael, CA, just north of San Francisco, Eepples was founded on one simple idea – make the lives of new parents just a bit easier.  And we wanted to do it responsibly.  OK, so two simple ideas.  We make products that help minimize your effort and our impact on the environment.

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