Q.  How do I use the MilkCharm?

A.  Please refer to the instructions found here: Additional Info: MilkCharm.


Q.  I have one of those thin, cylindrical bottles with no neck, and the MilkCharm just fall off.  How do I get it to stay?

A.  For thin, cylindrical bottles without a neck, it's kind of like putting an elastic band onto a ponytail.  Slip the silicone band over the bottle, give the band a half twist forming a figure eight, and then slip it over the bottle a second time.


Q.  How do I clean my MilkCharms?

A.  MilkCharms are top rack dishwasher safe.  However, for the longest product life, we recommend washing them by hand.


Q.  What's the best way to turn the dial on the MilkCharm?

A.  We find it easier to turn the MilkCharm dial clockwise due the scalloped design of the flower petal dial.  Also, the dial may seem tough to turn at first, but after a few turns, it should become easier.


Q. Can the MilkCharm be used for anything else besides breast milk?

A.  Yes!  The MilkCharm can be used for formula, baby food and all sorts of food containers.  Some of our favorites are tomato sauce, chicken broth, and wine!


Q.  If the MilkCharm is sold out, will you let me know when you have more in stock?

A.  Sure.  Send an email to orders@eepple.com with the subject "I want some MilkCharms" and we'll notifiy you when we they are available.


Q.  Why does Eepples use food safe materials for the MilkCharms if they are not in contact with food?

A.  Even though MilkCharms are not in contact with your breast milk, they are close enough in our opinion.  That's why we selected food grade materials known to be free of BPA and phthalates.


Q.  Does Eepples care about the environment?

A.  Yes, very much.  Please read all about it at Being Green.


Q.  I want to recycle my MilkCharm, but I’m not sure how.  Can you help me?

A.  Yes.  Please refer see the section titled "Recyclable" at Being Green.


Q.  How does Eepples ship its products?

A.  Please refer to Shipping Info.


Q.  How do I process a return, exchange, etc.?

A.  Please refer to our Return Policy.


Q.  Is Eepples working on any other products?

A.  Yes!  We have a few products in the works.   Sign up for our newsletter below and check back regularly for new products.


Q.  What does "Eepples" mean?

A.  It comes from a cute little children's ditty...

I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas
I like to ate, ate, ate aypples and baynaynays
I like to eet, eet, eet eepples and beeneenees
I like to ite, ite, ite iypples and biyniyniys
I like to ote, ote, ote ohpples and bononos
I like to oot, oot, oot oopples and boonoonoos

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