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No more tape and pen, no more sticky notes that smear and fall off, no more grease pencils.  Just dial in the day your breast milk was pumped (and time if you want to be exact), hang the MilkCharm on the bottle, put it in the fridge, and go take a nap!  The time side also works great for storing breast milk at room temperature, formula in the fridge, or for bottles that baby didn't finish drinking.  Plus, the MilkCharm can be used for tracking the freshness of baby food and many other food items long after you’re done breastfeeding.

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  • Works with ANY bottle
  • Double sided dial tracks time and day
  • Also great for formula, baby food, and many other food containers
  • Made from food grade polypropylene and silicone, BPA and phthalate free materials
  • Reusable
  • Dishwasher safe - top rack
  • 100% recyclable and made with as much recycled material as we can get our hands on - please see Being Green for more information
  • Made in the USA in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Pack of 3 - features three attractive color combinations
  • Makes people and their refrigerators happy
  • UL tested
  • Patents pending
  • For additional information, instructions and usage tips, see Additional Info: MilkCharm
  • For additional photos, see Additional Images: MilkCharm

Sold Out

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